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70’s Big is Coming!!!

The 70′s Big Workshop Weekend on February 18th and 19th near Washington D.C. is a combination of a Lifting Workshop on Saturday and a Programming Workshop on Sunday. The Lifting Workshop teaches, improves, and solidifies lifting mechanics and technique in the squat, press, deadlift, and power clean while the Programming Workshop is a collection of lectures on programming fundamentals, programming strength, programming conditioning, how to combine strength and conditioning, programming for specific goals/competitions, and how to deal with set backs and injuries.

This seminar is perfect for anyone interested in furthering their understanding of strength training. Those athletes in our powerlifting club would definitely benefit. Check this link for more info on the seminar and how it can help you.

And in case you’re wondering what the hell 70’s Big is….well, look no further.

CrossFit Carnival / Amazing Grace 2011

Hello CFA Community! We will be hosting our 1st annual CrossFit Carnival. This charity event is in the style of a fall festival and carnival, with at least 5 different events to test your CrossFit abilities. Expect a mixture of strength, metcon, and skill based stations along with some fall festival flair added. The main event will be Amazing Grace and we will be running heats of Grace (30 clean and jerks for time) every 30 minutes throughout the event.

Mammograms in Action

The event will be free but we will accept donations for Mammograms in Action / Barbells for Boobs. Early donation through this link will get you an event t-shirt. And this time the t-shirts will definitely be shipped to you ahead of the event!

If you plan to attend, please also register through our facebook event.

Lastly, this event will be for all ability levels. We will have a scaled and rx division, along with a special costume division! That’s right, wear your favorite Halloween costume to the event and get ready to have a great time. So bring your friends and family, anyone who wants to give CrossFit a try!

Saturday 10/8/11

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Monday 10/3/11

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Sunday 10/2/11

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